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Research on Challenges

An estimated 6.1 million children out of school in 2014 reduced from 13.46 million in 2006. Out of 100 students, 29 per cent of girls and boys drop out of school before completing the full cycle of elementary education, and often they are the most marginalized children. (Source: SRI-IMRB Surveys, 2009 and 2014)

Around 50 per cent of adolescents do not complete secondary education, while approximately 20 million children not attending pre-school. (Source Rapid Survey of Children 2013-2014 MWCD)

Half of primary school-going children – which constitutes nearly 50 million children – not achieving grade appropriate learning levels. (Source: National Achievement Survey, NCERT 2017)


The Solution

Prioritize changes are recommended in the new education policy enabling an effective environment after COVID-19 and its impact on education services.

The three programming areas prioritized at the beginning of the country programme in 2018 based on UNICEF’s mandate, presence and knowledge of other stakeholders and partners, capacities, available resources, gaps/needs and lessons learned, remain relevant. These are:

  • Early childhood education
  • Out-of-school children
  • Quality teaching and learning

Girls and boys including the most marginalized will enjoy sustained and equitable benefits from quality education with learning outcomes focusing on foundational learning and life skills.

Our Goal

Empowering India by facilitating Quality Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Skills specifically to marginalized and deprived Children of India.

Who Are We?

Universal Multipurpose Society (UMS) and Fikr Foundation (FF) are two different voluntary organizations registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The organizations are striving in the field of Edu-Socio-Health- Economic sectors more than a decade. The targeted beneficiaries have been mainly from below poverty line/have nots masses and deprived communities of the society, thus empowering them all to contribute in the mainstream development of the Nation. Since a decade, our prioritized and focused mission is to Empower the deprived ones specifically children with Education by facilitating all resources needed for learning Foundational Literacy and Analytical Numeracy Skills. For this bigger Common Cause of National Interest & Humanity at Large, viz; UMS and Fikr Foundation have collaborated. We have mutually decided that this specific Mission of “PHPH” will be always implemented under UMS head & leadership for desired targeted outcomes. Thus, we wish to ensure that no single child is left behind in the race of acquiring fruitful knowledge which is also an Order and chosen Gift of Almighty Creator for Mankind. Our Focused Mission “Padhe Hum Padhaye Hum” which literary means “We Learn We Teach”. Value based Education with Wise Knowledge for all deprived/underprivileged children of slum localities, migrant laborer’s and workers who hardly afford to acquire foundational Literacy and opportunities interlinked to life challenges. Thus achieving the concept of Equality, Edu-Socio-Health-Economic Growth & equal opportunities.


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Donate the cause with gifted resources we have from Almighty Creator

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