Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

Our Story


We as an Organization strive to practice and Implement all the wise words from different moral value based Revelations gifted by Omniscient Almighty for well being of Humanity at Large.

Our strong belief in Life After Death Concept Accountability motivates and enables us to strive Consistently with spirit of Volunteerism as Trustees of Omnipotent Creator’s Mission..

Hence our
Padhe Hum Padhaye Hum Missionary values for Precious Generations are Non Religious, Non Discriminatory, Non Political and Not for lndividual benefits..


 To Empower deprived and Underprivileged children (Present and Future generation) of India & World with respect to Edu-Socio-Economic Wisdom and Knowledge by facilitating an Environment based on Moral Values, Quality Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Skills.


To establish a formidable Platform such that the deprived children of society/India on priority gets equal opportunity and gateway to be an integral part of mainstream education.

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